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Referee Info Page

So you want to become a referee.

This is great news as there is a significant need for referees of all ages.

In order to become a referee you must study the laws of the game, register for the course at the state referee website listed below, watch the learning modules on the laws of the game and then pass a test with 80% score or better.

Anyone wishing to become a referee must have obtained 13 yrs of age prior to signing up for the online course.

All Courses for 2018-19 are 100% online, thus no class room, no disruption to personal schedule, just study, watch and take the test on your own time.

Please review the grade(not school grade) level of referee you wish to be.

Grade 8 is a normal referee for Adult & Youth Competitive and Recreational games.

Grade 9 is for Youth Recreational games only up to 14U.

Cost for the referee class is $100. Any referee over the age of 18 will be required to do a background check(cost $40 to the adult referee) thru the got soccer system once you have passed the test and been sent the e-mail that your account is active and created by the state office.

Any referee under the age of 18, is required to do an age verification step in got soccer. Once again this will be done once your account has been set up in got soccer by the state.


For new Youth referees ( ages 13 to 17) the St. Pete Raiders Soccer Club will re-imburse you for the referee course once you have referee'd 10 games at our club.


To start the process of becoming a referee, please go to the state referee website You will then create an account and be able to sign up for a course and your on your way to becoming a referee.

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